Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lunch on the Yum!

Late summer farmer's market! Melons and tomatoes and peppers- Oh MY!

My favorite lunch has been a warm corn tortilla with a roasted sweet italian pepper, sliced heirloom tomato w/ a touch of salt, and a slice of avocado.
They roast the peppers on site at the market.
I reheat the pepper in full size on my stove. Once heated on both sides I scrape away the extra skin, slice off the top and slice in half, and scrape out the seeds.
Eating it I can really taste the deep flavor of the roasting process, the sweet salty tang of the tomato and the creamy avocado.
It is completely satisfying and doesn't need egg or cheese which brings another level of satisfaction.
Loving September. xox

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My fair city

Another month. Another enjoyable catalog full of inspiring images.

The city scapes reminded me of an auction project I did with a group of 3yr olds a couple years ago.
It had it's flaws and unfortunately didn't have the time frame to be fixed or redone, but I think the conception was positive and the item brought in a lot of moolah come auction nite.

I'm interested in trying my own version depicting Seattle in a textured, layered wall hanging.
Finished my post-summer cleanup... which really means transitioning the garage from camping storage back into a studio and uncluttered my canvas work table. Ready to get back to it! I can tell I'm ready when enough stress is gone that I can't slow down the brainstorming of ideas!

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