Saturday, June 1, 2013

the Pantry

I love cooking classes at the Pantry. This is a space behind the pizza restaurant Delancey run by owner/chef husband of food blogger Molly Weizenberg of Orangette. I know that's a lot of connections- but the cool thing is they're a community kitchen so having one biz tie into another is kinda what they do. I don't claim to know who owns what, but I know they all help each other out. And extra cute bonus- if you know the blog, you'll know the baby and I saw that sweet face last night as I popped in early to their bar Essex for a quick house-made Campari beverage. She looked so adorable!

Last nights class was grains. Yum! Millet, tri blend rice, farro and quinoa were all on the menu. Delish as usual.
Think ill try for the farro salad and use my rhubarb in the quinoa compote first.

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